Frequently Asked Questions

Health and Wellness

1How many cups per day should I drink of my wellness teas?
We recommend using 3 grams (1 level teaspoon) per cup, and 1 to 3 cups of tea per day. For our Sleep tea, we recommend 1-2 cups, 30 minutes to 1 hour before sleep. Each blend has more specific dosages and directions listed in each description in our online store.
2Which blends are vegan?
Our Honey Spiced Chai is our only blend that is not classed as a vegan product, as it uses locally farmed honey.
3Are your teas gluten free?
Each one of the ingredients in our teas is gluten-free, however, we unfortunately cannot 100% guarantee that there won’t be traces of gluten in our blends. What we can guarantee is that we don’t add any of these contaminants to our products and we do our absolute best to ensure our suppliers and associated supply chain implement best practice to ensure none of these contaminants are present.


1Which blends are safe to drink during pregnancy?
ust as every individual has a unique constitution and a different state of health, a woman’s pregnancy can be just as unique. Our pregnancy range has been formulated to support and optimise women’s health for each specific part of the pregnancy journey. Unfortunately, we cannot design blends, which are perfect for everyone’s specific health requirements as each individual is so unique. We trust that you will be guided by your own state of health and personal wellbeing and simply use our blends which are appropriate for you. We recommended that you do not drink these blends if you are taking medications, if you suffer from hypertension, or if you are seeking other medical treatment. If you are unsure about any of the ingredients or potential interactions, it is extremely important that you seek advice from your health care practitioner. We have composed our list of blends, which are most appropriate for each trimester as a guide, but as with everything in pregnancy, please do not consume anything that you don’t feel comfortable with, or if you feel you may have an issue with any ingredients at all, we recommend you avoid it.
2Which teas help with conception?
To begin your journey into motherhood, our naturopath has designed a Fertility blend, which helps to support natural conception and increase your fertility potential. Red clover, chaste tree and raspberry leaf, have traditionally been used to support hormonal balance, regulate the menstrual cycle and support reproductive health. This blend was designed to assist with natural conception, as an alternative to undertaking IVF treatment. We do not recommend using this blend in conjunction with IVF treatment, or with any medications, as the effects on the hormonal system may interfere with IVF treatment or certain medications, at a time when hormones must be strictly controlled and monitored. This blend is not recommended for individuals suffering from hyperprolactinaemia or raised prolactin levels. Once you fall pregnant we recommend you discontinue taking Fertility tea.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

1What makes your products certified organic?
We believe products that are the best for your health are the ones that have no hidden ingredients and no unnecessary additives or flavours. At Love Tea we choose to use high quality, certified organic ingredients, which are often sourced directly from around the world. We believe organic ingredients taste better, are better for your health and are better for the environment. This is why we are certified by Australian Certified Organic.
2What environmental responsibilities do you have in place?
From the very beginning we have always had a clear direction to operate an environmentally responsible business. We partner with 1% for the Planet where we are dedicated to donating 1% of annual revenues to a range of environmental organisations worldwide. We feel it is our environmental responsibility to reduce our negative impact on the environment and continue to support non-for-profit organisations who are working towards improving the natural environment for future generations.

If you have any questions or want to become a vendor, please feel free to get in touch with us.