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In the Kitchen, we've been working tirelessly through late nights to bring to you gourmet cannabis yummies from carefully selected and sourced ingredients in Canada.


We are a family-ran project with a grassroots for compassionate access to medicinal cannabis sativa hemp consumables . We're marrying the culinary with data driven science.


And because we have access to the best components and facilities in the world to make the best medicinal grade culinary art - why not make something awesome out of it?



Our core philosophy stems from the position of love

The cannamo litmus test; if we can’t serve it to whom we love, then there’s absolutely zilch chance of it on the market.

We endeavour on manifesting products with dimension and soul to deliver the Cannamo Experience. We assure all the care and love on our end are exerted towards each edible to exceed customer satisfaction.

Handcrafted in custom batches under stringent lab conditions.

We’re keeping it clinical to the time it reaches your mouth for guaranteed maximum effect and satisfaction.

We offer various models of scooters

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If you have any questions or want to become a vendor, please feel free to get in touch with us.